Consumers Win With Liberty Automotive Protection NJ

November 07, 2018

Consumers who need extended service protection for their vehicles turn to Liberty Automotive Protection NJ for the industry's highest-level of assurance. When unexpected car and truck bills pile up from needed repairs, some vehicle owners find themselves in a major financial bind.  Those who opt for one of Liberty Automotive's affordable and trusted extended warranty plans can sleep peacefully because they know covered repairs won't cost them anything.  There's no reason for anyone to go without an extended service plan for a vehicle they rely on for regular transportation needs. With the various extended service plans offered by Liberty Automotive, consumers can rest assured that whatever plan they pick, each one offers great value, and is backed the the reputation of a nationally-recognized company. Different Levels of Protection extended warranty plans for vehicles come in four varieties to fit any vehicle's budget....

Veteran-Owned Startup Partners with Leading Employment Website ZipRecruiter™ to Translate Military Experience into a Civilian Career

November 08, 2018

Employ Excellence launches new platform to help streamline transitioning military veterans into the civilian workforce.  Employ Excellence, a new veteran-owned tech startup today announces the launch of its platform that seeks to better streamline the process for military veterans transitioning into civilian life, beginning with an automated employment service that matches Veterans with available job opportunities.  The platform translates a Veteran’s military occupational specialty (MOS) code into relevant civilian job titles, then automatically searches thousands of current job listings via its partnership with ZipRecruiter™ to instantly deliver the most relevant matches. The service is offered at no cost to the Veteran.  The company’s mission is to develop a centralized and automated digital pipeline for the nearly 375,000 currently unemployed Veterans as well as the roughly 250,000 Veterans transitioning out of active...

CSI TV Show Creator’s New Literary Company, Zuiker Press, Releases First Set of Graphic Novels for Teens

November 07, 2018

As the creator of the long-running CSI TV franchise, Anthony E. Zuiker is no stranger to dark or difficult topics. It was Zuiker’s three boys though, in sharing the issues and challenges facing them as kids today, that inspired the idea for Zuiker Press, a new literary house from Anthony and his wife Michelle that champions the voices of young authors. Today, is proud to announce its first two graphic novels:  and  are now available online and at select Barnes & Noble locations.


November 07, 2018

announced today that its mid-October launch in Portland, OR had been an unqualified success, with customers from across the city praising their innovative product, CloverStrips (pictured). CloverStrips contain 10mg of cannabidiol (CBD) delivered via a thin oral strip which is infused with hemp oil. Designed to dissolve under the tongue, they can be taken once every eight hours for a heightened sense of well-being in body and mind. “CloverStrips provide people with an innovative delivery method to enjoy the health and wellness benefits of cannabidiol for their mind and body. Simply slip a package in your pocket and put one in your mouth when you’re on the go – there’s no fuss, and they also taste great,” said Stephen Sweeney, CEO of CloverStrip CBD. “CBD has many health benefits to offer users, from pain and anxiety relief to treating sleeping issues and even relief from the side effects of chemotherapy. The CloverStrip...


November 08, 2018

New partnership means more college funding expertise to help guide financial planners and their college bound clients through the overwhelming and often grueling experience of college admissions and financial planning.  welcomes new partner Adam H. Blumenthal. After a 2-year hiatus from the college funding industry, Adam is back following his passion helping families navigate the college admission and financial aid process. By partnering with John McDonough at College Funding Evolution, families and businesses will benefit from his expansive knowledge. Spending over 7 years as one of the premier sales training and recruiting experts in the industry led Adam to establish Blumenthal...

New lifestyle brand Huuud launching outerwear accessory that has never been seen before

November 07, 2018

This apparel startup will soon reveal its flagship product on Kickstarter.MONTREAL, CANADA, November 7, 2018 - Huuud Apparel Company is a new lifestyle brand in the outerwear category launching its unique product through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter beginning November 10th, 2018.The original Backpack Hood is a hoodie-style hood, minus the sweatshirt, designed for easy attachment to everyday backpacks. It does not currently exist anywhere in the marketplace. It will be promoted as an everyday backpack accessory for youth, but also for all fitness, travel and hiking buffs, as well as urban warriors going to work or college who regularly sport backpacks and are seeking a fashionable and functional product to add to their apparel collection. The Backpack Hood has already received design patent registration in Europe from the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and is currently patent pending in both the U.S.A. and...

DeadSoxy Aims to Knock Your Socks Off with New No-Slip Guarantee and Loyalty Rewards Program

November 07, 2018

Luxury sock company, DeadSoxy, launches the new standard in premium socks with their line of high-performance, moisture-wicking dress socks that come packaged with a guarantee – if they slip off or slide down, they’re free. What started as a question as to why no one was getting the men’s essential just right, turned into a personal mission to develop the best dress sock on the market – one that doesn’t lose fit, feel, or function with everyday wear."We threw the rule book out the window, pushed tradition aside, and started from scratch. We developed our own high-performance fabric that is both luxurious and durable to give you the best fit with a barely-there feel. We tested and retested this technology until we got it perfect. In fact, we’re so confident we got it right; we put a money-back guarantee on all our styles," explained Jason Simmons, DeadSoxy’s Founder and CEO.DeadSoxy lays the foundation of their company...

FrigginYeah, an Innovative eCommerce Price Monitoring Platform for Brands, Officially Launches

November 06, 2018

FrigginYeah’s PricingIQ eCommerce price monitoring platform officially went live this week. PricingIQ is a managed price monitoring platform that provides brands and manufacturers with a price monitoring software that helps in achieving top-line growth, reduced costs, and aggressive monitoring for MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) related channel conflict. FrigginYeah is maintaining brand integrity by equipping brands and manufacturers with more accurate and easily consumed data needed to make better informed decisions, run their business more seamlessly and profitably, and scalability to monitor marketplaces and retailers previously out of their reach. PricingIQ features MAP Monitoring, Product Review Monitoring, Competitor Tracking, and Buy Box intelligence, providing a complete solution and strategic approach to all pricing related challenges. “We took what is a daily manual task for brands...

Around the world in 200 economies

November 07, 2018

Lorenzo Riccardi is traveling to every economy of the world in a Grand Tour covering 200 countries and territories. Along his journey he is collecting data and business trends on a dedicated website under the patronage of investment agencies and governmental organizations.Lorenzo is based in China, the leader of the emerging markets and decided to follow the new path of Chinese investments from the Great Wall to the entire world. A business journey along the Belt Road Initiative and the globe to perceive the new trends of Washington and Beijing influencing the economical world.The travel project focuses on the concept of G200, an association dedicated to an ideal comprehensive group that includes all the countries and economies. Globalization has developed interactions between countries in terms of trade, finance, investments, diplomacy and culture; G200 is a project to promote the future change from G20 to global economy with investments to every developed, emerging and...

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3 Ways Any Entrepreneur Can Sell A New Idea To Their Audience

November 08, 2018

Helping people think outside of the societal box is one of the greatest advantages of entrepreneurs. But selling new ideas, beliefs, and stories that go against our social programming can be challenging. In this month’s issue of EmpiHER®, The International Society of Impression Managers () shares 3 hot tips to get anyone on board to your new idea, offer, or outlook. Find the social story at play. Our audiences and industries all have social stories that influence us for good and sometimes for not so good. When we understand what the story says, we can then speak to or against the social programming.Connect with the subconscious triggers. As human beings, we live our lives over 90% of the time with our subconscious mind driving us. This means our fears, anxieties, doubts, and hesitations are what is running your audience. Speak to these unspoken and show them how your new idea speaks to their unspoken.Talk to the...

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